18 Haziran 2008

Bilyaletdinov & Sychev


Wassup, Moscow!
You, people on the stands eating popcorn
Shout: "You play like a disabled in a 3rd division"
So now, get ready to face me and hear my answer:
I can score from 100 yards,
But all you care is to sing without mumbling
A popstar is making an album after an album
So what? I'm the only one known in Europe.
There's something wrong with some singers
They're called as a ref - a fag.
C'mon make Decl play football
And you'll see that we're different:
While he smokes grass, I play on it.
We're leather ball addicts,
Lucifers of the football relics
We'll win, we'll break through, believe us.
I can rap forever, but now you see that
Indivisible are MTV, Sychev and Bilyaletdinov

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